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We participate actively on networks with national and international organizations, which aim to strengthen advocacy practices and institutional effectiveness.

Accountability network

It was born of the synergy of the academic investigation, the background journalism, the action of civil society and the responsibility of the institution. It is a dynamic and inclusive network, capable of add and coordinate the actions of the largest number of academic and social organizations, public institutions and the media, committed to the design, implementation and monitoring of a true accountability policy in Mexico. Their main objective is to create content to help the construction of accountability policies. This network is supported by the Project CIDE-Accountability, a donation of the Trust Hewlett and  the network´s members

CIDE- CLEAR CENTER for Latin America (Regional Center for Learning in Evaluation and Results).

It is a collaborative project between international donors and partner countries, which intends to strengthen the capacities of evaluation, monitoring and management for results. 

Its basic premises originate from a profound review of the international agenda for the promotion of development of the last decade; particularly, on a renewed emphasis on results orientation and accountability. It creates synergies between the government sector, civil society, the academic community and all stakeholders interested in promoting transparent monitoring and evaluation systems, to create a favorable space where dialogue between the people involved in evaluation is favored.

Network of Institutions to Fight Corruption and Rescue of Public Ethics (RICOREP)

RICOREP's fundamental objectives are:
  • Information exchange between member institutions
  • Dissemination of current regulations in Ibero-American countries regarding the fight against corruption
  • Promote and publicize events of interest, research activities
  • Technical consultancies, as well as specialized publications in collaboration with the Latin American Center for Development Administration (CLAD)

Association for the Implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption- UNCAC

The Coalition of Friends of Civil Society of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC Coalition), established in August 2006, is a global network that currently has the participation of approximately 350 civil society organizations (OSC) in more than 100 countries. Its commitment is to promote the ratification, implementation and monitoring of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). As well as, mobilize civil society to act at the national, regional and international levels. It includes groups in areas such as: human rights, labor rights, governance, economic development, environment, and public and private sector accountability.
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