How we Work

Advice or orientation

It is essential to weave ties of collaboration between public entities and citizens. Therefore, on a permanent basis, we provide advice on citizen participation.



The process of public contracts is an important activity of the Federal Public Administration and, in general, of public institutions.

Among the actions that we have assigned to know and disseminate more about public contracting, the publication of research, participation manuals, public testimonies, as well as information access portals, are the highlights.

Our purpose is to influence legality and transparency in the development of these procedures, as well as to strengthen the performance of the figure of Social Witness.



We generate information regarding integrity figures for public and private companies, taking special care to find channels for its adequate transmission. Based on this, we intend to provide tools, methods and their links for their impact on public policies.



NGO CCRC considers essential the dissemination of citizens´s rights, as an essential requirement for their full exercise. Therefore, they make an extra permanent effort on all their actions focused on obtain and generate relevant and appropriate information, with the aim of using the information as a tool that contributes to take an informed decision in the government.

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