Our registration

We are registered in:

  • National Institute of Social Development as a Civil Organization. Invoice number: OCC0508041501F. 
  • Mexico City´s government as a Civil organization with invoice number: DGEDS/ROCDF/0505/08
  • Public Function Secretary as Social Witness. Invoice: PM0AC006, which give us the faculty to participate in public procurement process carried out by the different agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration, under the terms of the current procurement and public works regulations.
  • Estate of Mexico and Guanajuato´s government as a Social Witness.
  • National evaluation of social development council (CONEVAL), as external evaluator. Invoice: 1,185.
  • Evalua DF, as an external evaluator. Invoice: CEDS/DG/315/2014.
  • Federal judiciary council, on collective action matters.

We thrust projects of transparency, accountability and enterprise integrity, to improve the growth of the public and private institutions.

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