Testimony of the Contract for the Acquisition of Antipneumococcal Vaccine, of the Ministry of Health

Date: 16 / March / 2011


Ministry of Health

  • Object of the tender: Contract for the Acquisition of Antipneumococcal Vaccine of the Ministry of Health
  • Tender number: LA-012000990-I2-2011
  • Nature of the tender: Open International Public Tender
  • Applicable regulations: Law of Acquisitions, Leases and Services of the Public Sector (LAASSP)

Witness comments:

  1. The acquisition process was complicated in the sense of having to carry out two calls, the first under Free Trade Agreements and the second Open. Not having awarded in the first process was the supplier's responsibility, given that the two bidding laboratories made inconceivable errors in companies of great coverage, age and global relevance, one of them by not offering the total number of schemes requested and the other by not sign a mandatory document.
  2. We consider a wise solution from the convener to go out as quickly as possible to an open tender, which will allow the institution to quickly obtain the biological, for which the decision of the user area to demand that the biological be requested in DDP conditions, given that otherwise, the biological would be available for at least 45 days after the award, thus generating delays in the national vaccination program.

Witness recommendations:

  1. It is important that the social witnesses be provided with the policies, bases and guidelines approved and in force in terms of Acquisitions in order to have the necessary information in order to carry out the review and analysis of the calls.
  2. We reiterate the need to have in a timely manner the Market Research that serves as a reference for determining the acquisition mechanism, as well as information on the current reference prices of the inputs.
  3. It is recommended to avoid making substantial changes that modify the conditions and the cost of the supplies, as occurred in this bidding process.

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