Testimony of the Hiring of Operational Support Services (SSO 2), for the Tax Administration Service

Date: 21 / December / 2011


Tax Administration Service (SAT)

  • Object of the tender: Contracting of Operational Support Services (SSO 2), for the Tax Administration Service (SAT)
  • Tender number: LA-006E00001-N14-2011
  • Character of the tender: National Public Tender
  • Applicable regulations: Law of Acquisitions, Leases and Services of the Public Sector (LAASSP)
  • Modality: Mixed

Witness comments:

In the opinion of the Social Witness, the convener must, henceforth, take care in the evaluation not to treat as grounds for rejection the requirements that are only intended to present the proposals in an orderly manner and/or requirements that do not affect the solvency of the proposals. . The foregoing in order not to contravene the criteria of economy, effectiveness, efficiency, impartiality and honesty that ensure the best conditions for the State that mandates the law, and also to not leave bidders who have not exhausted the instance of non-conformity in contracting procedures that a priori were considered void, such as the one in question.
The areas of opportunity that present possibilities for improvement have to do with the planning of public contracting procedures such as the one in question. The recommendations made by the Social Witness have been mostly in that direction. The establishment of a coordinated work by the requesting or requesting area of ​​the service with the Central Administration of Material Resources of the Tax Administration Service would greatly help.

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