Lease, without purchase option, of: Four (4) Cantilever-type Self-Elevating Marine Drilling Platforms for PEMEX Exploration and Production

Date: 16 / August / 2011


Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX Exploration and Production)

  • Object of the tender: Leasing, without purchase option, of: Four (4) Self-Elevating Marine Drilling Platforms, Cantilever type; including its integral maintenance, to operate in Mexican waters of the Gulf of Mexico (A/E LXXXVII, I, TMA and HT) (Package 7)
  • Tender number: 18575088~13-11
  • Character of the tender: International Public Tender
  • Applicable regulations: Petróleos Mexicanos Law (PEMEX LAW)
  • Modality: Open

Witness comments:

  1. The development of each of the events (Publication of the Call and Bidding Bases; Clarification Meetings; Prequalification of the companies; Evaluation of Prequalifications; Presentation and Opening of Proposals; Administrative, Technical and Economic Evaluations; Judgment and Formalization of the Contract), it adhered to the provisions of the established regulations and internal policies, which are applicable to it.
  2. When there was a need to reschedule the event, it was done with anticipation and in the manner established by regulations. Regarding the technical aspect, the Social Witness observed that when a company was disqualified, this disqualification was correctly based on the applicable regulations.
  3. Of the four items subject to the tender, Pemex Exploration and Production declared void 3 items (Items Nos. 2, 3 and 4) in accordance with the provisions of the Fifteenth Rule of the Rules of the Bidding Bases, assigning only one of them (Item No. 1).

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