Testimonial library: a window to access public information

Date: 12 / January / 2022



ONG Contraloría Ciudadana para la Rendición de Cuentas, AC, has designed and launched the consultation site called Testimonioteca: a citizen window of access to public information (www.testigosocial.org.mx), which aims to contribute to the development and professionalization of the experiences of the Social Witness (a figure of citizen participation present in public procurement procedures of great relevance for the public administration), as well as strengthening the actions undertaken within the framework of the Alliance for Open Government, which includes the participation of citizens with their governments so that public information is more useful to society, contributes to effective accountability and the fight against corruption.

In addition to being a permanent consultation site, Testimonioteca works as a safeguard for the rich collection of Testimonies issued by each Social Witness after their participation in public procurement procedures, ten years after the guidelines that provide for the participation of this figure of social representation were issued. , designed to benefit the transparency of government procurement procedures. It is constituted as an exercise that provides organized and systematized information to contribute to the purposes of open government and focused transparency.

Testimonioteca is an effort in favor of transparency in public procurement procedures. With the Testimonioteca, a wealth of testimonial information is made available to the general public, from which it is intended to make the existence of this citizen participation mechanism more visible. This portal seeks to build the bases that allow analyzing the scope, the achievements obtained, as well as the challenges faced by the Social Witness as a figure of citizen participation, which has the important task of generating public information from their participation in recruitment procedures.

The information contained in Testimonioteca refers us to the experience of participation of each Social Witness in their role as representative of society in public procurement procedures. Therefore, this is an additional effort in favor of transparency in public procurement that makes this collection available to the general public, in a concentrated and accessible way, with the intention of functioning as a tool that promotes the full exercise of the right to be informed, as established in article 6 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

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