Manuals of Social Witness Participation in Public Tenders related to the legislation on procurement and public works

Date: 27 / May / 2013

Manuals of Social Witness Participation in Public Tenders related to the legislation on procurement and public works

With the aim of strengthening the performance, quality and standards of participation in public procurement processes designated by the Ministry of Public Function, ONG Contraloría Ciudadana para la Rendición de Cuentas, A.C. has updated two of its participation manuals in matters of Social Witness in public procurement that systematize the development of the activities and responsibilities that Social Witnesses have in their participation in government procurement procedures that are regulated in the Acquisition and Procurement Laws. Public Works.

These manuals are:

  1. Manual of procedures for the participation of the Social Witness in the attestation of public tenders for the acquisition of goods, leases and services carried out by the agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration.
  2. Manual of procedures for the participation of the Social Witness in Public Tender Testimonies for the contracting of Public Works and Services Related to them, carried out by the Dependencies and Entities of the Federal Public Administration.

Both are a subsequent part of the experience systematization documents that relate the performance and theoretical activities undertaken by ONG CCRC in its capacity as social representative in government procurement procedures during these first five years of participation in this federal program (2008 - 2012 ) [1].

The aforementioned manuals dimension the legal capacities, as well as the rights and obligations that correspond to the Social Witness as a representative of the society during the bidding procedures in which they participate. In the same way, they are the product of the effort undertaken by ONG CCRC from a professionalization scheme and in which research activities and comprehensive performance are promoted.

The importance of presenting this information in a systematic manner lies in the possibility of creating strengthening instruments within the Organization's structure. Likewise, it has been verified that these instruments allow to retake the lessons learned during the performance of the ONG CCRC as Social Witness in the bidding procedures.

Through this systematization work, aspects related to the work experience of ONG CCRC are also included, in relation to the Laws and Regulations regarding the participation of Social Witnesses in Public Tenders.

This systematization work consolidates the effort with which ONG CCRC works on aspects related to this legal instrument of citizen participation and promotion of the culture of Transparency and Accountability in Mexico.

The bases on which these systematization works are registered contribute to the performance of ONG CCRC in public bidding procedures being carried out with high levels of professionalization and based on a comprehensive participation scheme.

Through these manuals, the ONG CCRC work scheme is strengthened and the findings and progress made from academic and field studies carried out previously regarding citizen participation mechanisms for accountability, anti-corruption and transparency in Mexico.


[1] As documents that accompany this participation and research work, we can also mention the publications called:

As well as the study called

The latter also has the site where the contents of this study can be consulted and discussed.

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